About us

Who are we ?

Dohzy is a Canada based Tech start up that focuses on financial services tailored towards the African diaspora. The high influx of Africans from their home countries to the diaspora has led to most of them finding themselves in countries that might warmly receive them but does not have a financial system designed for their needs due to cultural and other differences. A common issue most African immigrants might face is lack of access to credit products when they arrive in a foreign country due to lack of credit history. We observed these difficulties and set out to provide solutions. One of our flagship services is in the Microfinance space where we rapidly provide micro loans to users to help them with cashflow shortages and emergencies in their home countries.

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Our Mission

We have no intentions of trapping our users into a vicious debt cycle. Instead we try to give you just what we believe you can afford and also offer a multitude of services to help grow financially. Our mission is to

  • Level the playing field for everyone
  • Offer clients the push they need to make a financial jump
  • Assist our clients in every aspect of their financial journey
  • Provide financial education for those in need
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Our Values

We are very data centric and user a customer first approach in everything we do. Some of our core values are

  • Customisation: We offer financial services that fit your need, not a one size fits all
  • Appreciation: You get instant rewards based on loyalty and how well you use our system
  • Honesty and transparency:You will be able to see all of your data when you log into your account on our platform
  • Security: Your data is stored and protected with state of the art encryption algorithms

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