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Dohzy offers personal, business and real estate loans to its clients. The personal loans range from $100 to $2,000, the business loans range from $1,000 to $15,0000 and the real estate loans range from $2,000 to $10,000. Most of our loans are purposed to cover cash flow shortages.

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We offer a special type of savings program that allows clients to recieve a fixed amount of money at a pre determined time while allowing them to save the money the recieved over a pre detrrmined time frame.

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Dohzy offers an investment program that allows its clients to earn between 5% to 9% annual return on their capital depending on the amount invested and investment time frame.

Why Dohzy?

  • Speed : Response time to all of our services is 24 hours
  • Customisation : our services are tailored to the needs of our clients
  • Privacy : All transactions within Dohzy stay with Dohzy are not shared with any third parties

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Dohzy Score

The Dohzy Score is similar to credit score. It is an indicator of your credit reliability with Dohzy Inc. It ranges from 1-30.
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The platform allows you to recommend contacts you trust. Referrals increases approval chances.
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Data Driven

The platform is data driven and highly customised. Benefits, interest rates, loan range are all based on how you use the system.
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Dohzy uses state of the art encryption and security protocols to protect valuable information, while abiding to all law requirements.


  • Growth : we reward proper behaviour and allows you to progress within the system
  • Networking : we enable networking, marketing and collaboration between members of the dohzy network
  • Fairness : members are evaluated on history and patterns of behaviour and not a particular moment in time

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Our users

Where you were born and when you came to this country should not be a limitation to financial aide. Same as making financial errors in your past should not be a cross you have to carry your whole life. We take care of

  • Recently landed immigrant without an established credit score
  • People that have resolved their past financial issues but still getting punished
  • Someone that is organized with money but ran into a cash flow emergency

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Conditions To Qualify

We use communal approach to let you use our platform. No long forms, and unnecessary bureaucracy. We just need to know you or know someone that knows you.

  • Get referred by someone we trust (they will give you a referral code)
  • Get referral code from us
  • Belong to an association that is affiliated with us

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